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Forever heart Nsync <3

why you've already given up?

giving up?
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Please join if you are and will always be an nsync fan
if you are looking forward to an nsync reunion
any nsync news post it here

All new members must fill this out. (this is not a rating community, this is just to learn some things about the members.) Thanks.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Favoritve nsync member:
5. Favorite nsync song:
6. Favorite nsync album:
7. Reason for joining:
8. How long have you been an nsync fan:
9. Have you ever been to an nsync concert:
10. Do you believe there will be an nsync reunion:
*have you ever met any members of nsync?

Please Tell your FRIENDS about this community. and promote promote promote!!!

nsync - this i promise you :: urbnmix.net